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Jeremy Burfoot

Author, Motivational Speaker, Retired Airline Pilot and Aviation Consultant. I write to inform and entertain.

The French Canal Project


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Kiwis Can Fly

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Shit Just Got Real

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The Wrong Way Down

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The Ride Around New Zealand


Kiwis Can Fly

Captain Burfoot’s writing style is fantastic, I can imagine myself in the cockpit listening to his stories as I read. If you’re PC you might not enjoy the book but buy it anyway so you can get upset at nothing. Looking forward to getting my autograph from the author…


Shit Just Got Real

A very amusing view into some of the hijinks that may or may not occur when airline crew are away from home. A very funny read, with some interesting insights into the job of an airline pilot, as well as some interesting travel information on some of the world’s great cities.

Stewart Ralph

Kiwis Can Fly

This book ticks a lot of boxes. If you ever wondered what it takes to become an airline pilot then this book is for you. But it is not just that. This is a well written story of one man's quest to pursue a career he had dreamed since he was a boy. The book is written with a sense of humour and there are many funny anecdotes concerning himself and people he met along the way.
Jeremy illustrates the glamorous life style of a jumbo jet pilot with stop overs in exotic places like Paris and San Francisco and chances to get out and see those places. However it becomes abundantly clear that there is more to just dreaming of getting the job and he makes no secret of the personal sacrifices he made to just get into the position being able to apply for training to become an airline pilot. (His time spent in Papua New Guinea could be a book on its own).
Starting with his entry into the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a navigator trainee the story moves on to life on No 5 Sqn crewing on the Lockheed P3K Orion including being part of the search for the missing Air New Zealand DC10 in November 1979.
Interspersed with his training and success as a pilot there are numerous "handy hints" for aspiring commercial pilots which would be of great benefit for anyone new to flying commercially.
I am not one to read a book quickly but in the case of "Kiwis Can Fly" its an exception. I found it very hard to put down. Full marks Mr Burfoot.

Graeme Spafford




Captain Jeremy Burfoot was born in Whangarei, New Zealand, in 1959. He was one of five boys in his family. He was educated in New Zealand and excelled at middle-distance running as a teenager. 

He joined The RNZAF as a navigator at the age of 18 before learning to fly privately. He spent time as a pilot in Papua New Guinea before being employed by Qantas in 1984.

Jeremy made 747 Captain at the age of 31, then took a leave of absence from Qantas to work for Japan Airlines, based in Anchorage and Honolulu. In 1995, he returned to Qantas, where he remained until December 2020. At that time, he was an A380 Captain. He took redundancy from Qantas due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

Jeremy has three sons.

He has been heavily involved in charity work since 2006 and is well known for his jet ski rides around New Zealand and his attempt to ride a jet ski from London to Sydney in 2010. He holds three current jet ski world distance records.

Jeremy is a keen cyclist and has represented New Zealand at masters world championships over the past few years, consistently making the top ten in his category.

He has a diploma in financial markets and is currently on the Board of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.


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