Book Publishing Services

Providing Everything You Need

Proof reading/
Grammar Correction


Using a good knowledge of writing tecniques and with the assistance of two professional artificial intelligence grammar checking programs, Jeremy can get a perfect result for you. The AI can vary the style depending on the type of writing e.g. professional or entertaining. Jeremy will also ensure that the writing flows and is clear to the reader.

Book Formatting and
Cover Design

A professionally formatted book makes all the difference to the reader. There are protocols to follow for the correct setout for different types of books. There are different fonts for the different genres of  writing. ISBN codes ae necessary for all but electronic books.

Cover design is critical as this is the first thing that a prospective reader will see.

Book Publishing and Marketing

These days approaching publishing companies is a dead end concept. Even if they did give you a contract, you might never make money. Many so called 'hybrid publishing companies' are really only charging you for the services they provide and don't care if you ever sell a book or not.

In general, a majority of authors are better off self- publishing. An electronic version can be uploaded to sellers like Amazon and an author can start selling online and making money straight away with zero investment. Paperback and hardcover versions can also be printed on demand by the likes of Amazon and sold directly to readers with commission being paid to the author. Authors can order 'Author Copies' of paperback or hard cover books to be sent to them. These can then be on sold or gifted as desired.

As an example, the price of a 300 page paperback would be around USD$5 for printing in black and white or USD$28 for full colour and premium quality. Shipping costs seem very reasonable.

We can assist with all of this.